Teenage Terrorism

by The Distractions

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Smiley Made me tear up my pants and hug my best friend. Favorite track: (is) Just an Image (because).
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Our 2nd LP: A brand new concept album about the culture of violence in America. If you're into music about mankind's insatiable desire to kill each other due to our own insecurities, you've come to the right place. Make sure you turn out all the lights before you leave.


released August 21, 2014

Guitar and Vocals - Scott Obernier
Bass, Vocals and Narration - Matt Kirby
Drums and Narration - Oli Smith
Violin - Emily Kerr
Cello- Adam Spiegelman
Double Bass - Petros Papadopolous



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The Distractions Ridgefield, Connecticut

The Distractions are a post-industrial-sludge-ska-metal-punk-flies-on-shit type o' deal. If you play your cards right, you might just figure out what that means some day, kid. We don't play your average dilly-dally rock and roll bullspit. We play that real dilly-dally rock and roll bullspit. And remember, don't leave the oven on!
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Track Name: Track 01
Set the scene, shoot him clean, kill the ketamine
Check his vibe to prescribe meth-amphetamine
Striking Icon

She’s a mess, no success, expectation-less
No escape from the rape that is happiness
90’s sitcom

She’s a chemical routine
He is dying like James Dean

We all learn violence from someone
I smoke the ammo in their gun
She watched me kill the only son
My starving soul’s the lonely one

What a kid, twist his id, keep his ego hid
Tear his seams, burn his dreams on our power grid
Handsome trainwreck

What a shame, who’s to blame for her drinking game?
Now she wins mortal sins and a taste of fame
She’s not perfect

Put the bastard kids on trial
Make them bleed with proper style

I really thought that I heard you
I really thought that I hurt you

I'm hurt but I'm alive
Lie when they arrive
Die to slash the ties that bind
Mother was unkind
Father just maligned
All the stars god misaligned
Track Name: Circus Queen
Sharp as a rose
Powders her nose
Elegant pose
Pointing her toes
Fits like a glove
Don’t call it love

Blackens his cheeks
He never speaks
King of the freaks
Counting the weeks
Bends every fact
High-wire act

I never want the dog days of summer to end
We own the sun and isn’t it fun to pretend
Her hair is curled, this whole rotten world is our friend
We’re both trendy panic attacks

Her smile sells
Bloody lapels
Jesus compels
Whatever sells
Knobbly knees
Swing the trapeze

Clowns always crawl
Towards every mall
Summer to fall
I lose it all
Leaves on the ground
While she is crowned

I’ll never last as long as forever will seem
He won’t regret his conscience forgetting a dream
Cold bowls of ramen are far too common a theme
These bright demons won’t disappear

Now I’m alone
Hear the crowd moan
Pick up the phone
Speak at the tone
She doesn’t sing
Exit the ring

He’ll be okay
He’ll be okay
He’ll be okay
He’ll be okay
High wire snaps
Audience claps
Track Name: Leave Me Alone
She disappeared, we’re all in danger
Now I’m a stranger in her prose
She tells the stars they’ll never change her
That’s what the drug’s for I suppose
The drug she knows
The drug that shows her how to love her hell
And helps her tired mind count seconds til the bell
I am the memory she’ll sell.

My heart’s alight, my brain’s a blister
My friends all whisper in my ear
They called me faggot when I kissed her
‘Cause I get needier each year
I need her near
She needs me here beside her when we wake
To prove that we’ll outlast the love our parents fake
Pain rains from clouds that our minds make

And now I’ll plagiarize an adolescent dream
Then go to CVS to buy some self-esteem
Am I her loser if I quit the winning team?
My circus queen sent me a drone
She dropped the bomb on me and left me alone.
Leave me alone.
Track Name: Holy Ghost
Red-headed girl, you never walk by
I used to tease, you made me cry
We won’t walk in the rain anymore
These holy ghosts live under my bed

I never dream, am I asleep?
Fucked up again, biblical creep
None of my friends stop anymore
I used to speak beautiful words hey

Look at the birds, they are my family

I gave them warning signs they thought it was hilarious, deliriously drunk off all the lies mama told
They are my enemies a happy family regrets some cigarettes and getting old

These lonely cars fly by my window
I wonder where all of the kids go
Playgrounds all seem broken without them
My lonely town sounds so defeated

God gave me these prayers I repeated

Breathing breathing breathing, He’s still breathing breathing breathing
Sirens speeding speeding speeding, Is he bleeding bleeding bleeding?
Heart stopped beating beating beating God is cheating cheating cheating
Breath receding needing breathing and I’m leaving leaving living
Track Name: (is) Just an Image (because)
The world was once an image
Of moving pictures
But now its shattered glass

I used to know my childhood
I heard the wild wind
Blow over blades of grass

Earth is dumb, cold and numb, I’ve become
A white light
My throat is tighter than a drum

I heard him on a phone call
His soul was lonely
His mother’s only son

I see him lying stable
Chemically able
To watch the seasons run

You’ve arrived, I’m deprived, I’m alive
Close your eyes
And watch me dive into the sun
Oh God I swear I’m fucking done

I’d agree your sanity was less than sane some days
If your brain’s a weathervane the sky is stormy gray
Memories of ecstasy and then a violent haze
Look at you, how much you grew while you were away
I am not a passing phase
I don’t need your vicious praise
Track Name: god's Got No Soul.
God’s got no soul
Bible is subliminal
Heart like clean coal
He’s a silent criminal

God’s got no soul
Prayers are congressional
He makes me whole
In his deaf confessional

God’s got no soul
Heaven isn’t livable
Pay the death toll
Hell is unforgivable

God’s got no soul
He’s a fucking terrorist
Plagiarized prayers
Jesus was a communist

I don’t know…

Jesus hates me
He supports misogyny
God creates me
Feel his son’s androgyny

Jesus hates me
Tells me he’s a pacifist
Jesus loves me
He’s a sadomasochist

I don’t know…
I don’t know…
Track Name: Conquest Pt. I: The Fool
Back in school I play the fool to win her
They call her a sinner, I’m her tool.
Her memories are cruel, weather gets cool
Classmates all drool, I don’t mind

Please don’t find me strange
I can rearrange
Change the flaws that you recognized in me
Live the lie you would like to see
Die as slow as you want me to
I am redesigned, redefined, free

He’s insane he’ll always feign the victim
I know I’ll addict him with my brain
He goes with the grain, staves off the pain
Bathes in the rain, stains my mind

He’s been kind to me
Can I disagree?
He’s the same old game that I played for the
Better part of yesterday
I can’t blame him forever, but
The failed suicide terrified me
Now his eyes exorcise me
Please don’t take me in, connection is sin, let us begin again
Track Name: The Sons of Liberty (Endorse Teenage Terrorism)
Immolation, self-humiliation
Radiation, standard deviation
Pay attention, give ‘em medication
I don’t need it, well I don’t fucking need it

I’m in love with the way you try to run
Didn’t want to be an only son
There’s no place for a man without a face
Unless you’re faced with heaven’s gun
Sunkissed lips and I wish I wasn’t here
I’ve got a terminal career
Look at me, I’m a son of liberty
Where’d I put my sympathy?

Education, mental masturbation
Penetration, venomous sensation
Miscreation, subtle suffocation
I don’t need it, well I don’t fucking need it

Met my friends wrapped up in a body bag
They’d all been strung up with the flag
Broke my nose, tried to hide behind a rose
Closed my eyes and took another drag
Baby’s sick ‘cause she never found her head
Can’t get no freedom when I’m dead
Look at me, I’m a son of liberty
Coming back like a heart attack

All I want is moral separation
Repetition, give me reparations
Apprehension, and some indecision
I deserve some clinical precision
Small incision, shoot up some probation
I’ll be patient; wait for the ascension
In detention, teach an exorcism
Mind’s a schism, motherfucker gimme
Teenage Terrorism.
Track Name: Broken Bed Blues
The smell of her unwed perfume fills the room
Her dress unwinds and leaves the floor wanting more.
This broken bed feels like a war or a tomb
Don’t want to feel this violent gloom anymore.

Her body’s talking to my friends once again.
My friends remove my body’s will to sit still
Frustrated hands cause blood to spill in the end
Disgusted parents play pretend while we kill
Track Name: Citizen United
I dreamt that I could be a Citizen United.
I woke to apathy, my vote left unrequited
I left the house today to see the country sinking
My kid won’t talk to me because she hates the way I’m thinking

What do I do when she cries that she’s different?
Even when she smiles her eyes are distant

Good morning meth-amphetamine, a chemical routine
Prescribe a bright and dreaded scene to keep their conscience clean
Good morning Mr. President I can’t get through the day
The truth is never evident when children act this way

I prayed that I would be a friend she could confide in
I gave a room to her, some walls that she could hide in
I gave my God to her, a blessed house she could reside in
I gave my love to her and then she cried into my shoulder

How near is my darling angel to dying?
How near is my darling angel to dying?

I was the father of a nation undivided.
I dreamt that I could be a citizen united.
Track Name: Conquest Pt. II: Graduation
Beat, glorious drum
And march on my good friends
To the ends of the earth
You’re perfectly dressed for the conquest

Lies, who owns the truth?
Rivers run from her eyes
I despise my own youth
But I will not get any older

Please stop all that noise; Too young for love
But too old for toys or conscience

Friend, look what we spend to help defend
The truth we have amended

Sing, beautiful songs
And think long my young friends
About what you will want
A new dawn comes for all of mankind

Die, leave us alone
Carve your world in the stone
You’re on hold ‘til we’re grown
Our new lives are far more important than war
Track Name: The Party
Gray skies are so perfect for today. I play a predator. I prey on my old editor. When gasoline, kerosene, and matches need to burst, strike it first, it catches.Dreams to ashes that was the fascist’s way.

Eyes once asked the Brain to think of lies, Mouth told the children of the Wise, who paid the Ears to pose as spies disguised as friends of mine.My oh my it’s dying time. Purge the earth of narrating traitors and whine...

We are heroes marked by darker stars
Counted zeroes, shamed with names not ours
Blamed for having thoughts and counting cards
Giving up when growing up gets too hard
Track Name: Sunshine
Sunshine, I see some sunshine
I see you in its beam
Bright as an ember remembering a dream
As it turns and it burns this whole world at the seams

Flowers and longer hours
And kids craving the heat
While you sit down on a brown leather seat
And you talk to the friends who you’ll never meet

Baseball and playgrounds
And taking the greyhound
Bus into the city for the day
Darkness is cover
Until we discover
Our instincts are leading us astray

Blood staining the clouds fire red
Birds calling my name, I get out bed
My smile’s rays mask the thoughts in my head
I’m deadlier than heaven’s gun:
Summer’s shining sun
Track Name: Palindrome
Yesterday I was arrested for a prior violent crime
Passion, that my love detested, I committed in my prime
I’m now requested at a trial where they’ll try my brain’s grime

I know this room from cable
A mirror and a table
My able bodied home, a palindrome
I see my betrayed face in the glass beside hers
As she writes my name in her guilty poem

Can I blame her for the monster I become when I’m alone?

I hear the pitter-patter
Of grown-up useless chatter
It doesn’t really matter anyway
This reflection of mine has no kindness to spare
Are we not drawn onward to new era?

Are we not drawn onward to new era?
Yesterday I lived a long story backward,
As though moving
Through a void of motion stop
Color, and commotion stop
Sobbed beneath an ocean stop

See I’ve been tricked by wicked whispers from both sides of this war

Dad’s been speeding fifteen miles to get
Me back home, we’re quiet as winter’s first snow
I walk outside
It’s not your fault they tell me
They’ve got more lies they’ll sell me
I guess I might as well, he

Killed your brothers and your sisters. I saw him revenge his conscience
I can’t pick a side to die for, I can’t name the air I breathe.
“We’re here to help,” they say. “Tell us everything you know now.”
Track Name: Prison & Whatever Else is Left
She murdered the present tense
My reverence is her defense
I’m faking a psychic sense

My records don’t ever spin
Her beautiful mind has been
Disloyal, god’s royal sin
I’ll soil, her spoiled grin

Held my head under the sink
Fixed myself a stronger drink
Pills go down, and I drown beneath the sea
They can’t put the blame on me

My brain is a puzzle piece
Her heart is my drunk police
Pain pills are her will’s release

Freedom lives inside my pen
Zombies tread in Manhattan
A pattern of battered men
I meet them in dreams again

Hid the truth behind a prayer
Kept my lungs from tasting air
Comatose, took a dose of nothing’s-there
Smoked a bit of who-would-care?

Bring me to precinct fifty-two
Talking to these old boys in blue
They drew my brain and called me gay
The sporty thugs of yesterday

I’m passing through time, a victimless crime (those victims were mine)
I can’t make a sound, I’ve already drowned
Around and around and around my thoughts are getting
Loud, they’re too loud, Ask the crowd, are you proud of me
Take one more breath, and ask death who I should be

Please Call 9-1-1, Oh look what she’s done!
She’s sprawled on the floor, Her body is numb
I’m dumb, I’ve been dumb, I’ve been dumb, some father I have
Been, and again, and again she writhes don’t cry tonight
I’ll always love you

She’s alive, my baby girl is on crack, I’ve got eyes
Who am I? When parents sit on their hands baby dies
I’m alive! Where the fuck am I tonight? vision’s black
I despise this violent hospital bed, cloaked in white

Throat is tight the sunshine eases the pain
I’m alright this deadline freezes the rain
I’m not quite the same, I’m nameless tonight

You’re alive, my baby girl is on crack and she lies
You’ve arrived, why are you acting surprised that I tried - ?
Never mind, a modern Bonnie and Clyde gone off track
Take it back, the memories that I lack aren’t mine

Bags are packed the sunshine eases the pain
This long practiced deadline freezes the rain
Heart is black with shame, I’m aimless tonight

It’s a dangerous game we’ve been playing, it’s insane, living in fear

No one's innocent
Screaming sounds so dissonant
I need empathy
And a stoic, quiet sea
Look at this predicament
It was all so imminent
Larks singing happily
Always seemed to sadden me
Play me like an instrument
Fuck your false imprisonment
You are the cherry tree,
In my cemetery, see?
Roll along so merrily
Time is liquid apathy
No one is magnificent
No one else but you.
Now we're getting intimate
Strung out like a ligament
Your eyes are so intricate
Posing like a militant
With some criminal intent
Bullet shock won’t pay the rent
Fuck a merchant’s sentiment
Mercy isn’t heaven sent
Getting fucked on filament
Treat me like an immigrant
Frozen in the cracked cement
Watching Dante’s last descent
Speaking while my money’s spent
In a vain establishment
I’m the false equivalent
I swear that I’m innocent!

Cast out of Milton’s prose,
These truths decompose
I need, need to let go of their nightmares, replace them with grace and grieve
I looked through the ages
And the blank pages made me leave this world behind
You sound so privileged like you have lived in the nicest hell your mom could find
How could you truly believe in the ghost you’re leaving like a breeze.
Love is warmer than prison but I won’t listen to the ghost stories
What is perfect and why is my mind not right? Just breathe…
Breathing is sadness and sleep is my final sin goodbye, goodbye

Where is tomorrow? The time I borrowed expires and I’m sorry this memory that I forgot is ugly, Love me please.
Clear the table, turn on the cable see this dark fable unfolding he’s still holding on now, scolding me.
Well I’m tired of saying, “Dear mother I’m praying for slaughter, daughter learn to love betraying The holy
Ghost, Posting his bail, Jail him at home, he groans up-
Stairs, where are his meds? Feds at the door, knocking, asking for the boy I’m rocking to sleep.
Leave me alone
Track Name: Suicide
A young man was found dead at the end of
This neatly kept street, unnamed ‘til he turns eighteen.
But yeah he told me his name,
So I know
He won’t grow up with me.

A kind world is lovely. I hope you knew
That I got used to a world that couldn’t love me.
But yeah, whatever, ok,
And goodbye
Goodnight my waking dream

I'm so sick of my conscience for all I know it’s all in my head
Then why do I feel dead instead of warm when I come home?
They made me a drone with a pill ‘cause I’m never perfect when I’m alone
I have a hole I condemn that I just can’t fill

And in twenty years, when they ask if I love the monster still I will say
I have a hole I condemn that I just can’t, just can’t fill.